Membership and General Enquiries:

If you’re interested in joining the club or have any general enquiries please email our club secretary at

To join Newhaven Archery Club you would need to have completed a 12 hour safety course which is approved by our governing body, Archery GB.   We run one course a year and this year this is in June.

Other clubs in the area also offer regular courses   ;

If you complete a course elsewhere and would like to join Newhaven we will just need you to have a quick assessment with one of our coaches at the field and you will need to bring along your course certificate.    You would need to have your own equipment.

Adult membership at Newhaven currently costs £12.50 per month plus an annual fee to Archery GB of approx £54.00 per person (£12 per junior) to cover insurance and also SCAS/SCAA membership of £7).  Juniors, aged 8 to 17 pay  £6.00 per month and although under 18’s can shoot at any time we do have a dedicated junior club on Wednesday evenings.

We shoot in Firle throughout the year and also at Seahaven Academy in Newhaven during the winter season.  Members also have the opportunity to get involved in a variety of club competition and social events.


For any queries regarding payments for club tournaments or invoices requiring payment please email to reach our club treasurer.