Target Booking

Hi all, we’re running another session this Friday with 9 targets available. These will be 2 hour slots with available times at 6.00pm, 6.15pm and 6.30pm.

Please make sure you have read and understood the risk assessment sent out by email before you make a booking. Once booked, you will receive a confirmation email – this is not automatic so please allow time for someone to respond.

To book a slot:

First choose the start time you’d like from the drop down menu below; on the hour, quarter past etc. which should give you a time slot in the box below the calendar. If the time slot is greyed out all three bookings of that time slot are full so please try the next start time until you hopefully find a free lane. When you find one that’s not greyed out please click on it and fill in your details in the form. Please include all the required details!

That should be your slot booked. Good luck and happy shooting! (Don’t forget it’s been a while so don’t overdo it!)