All about the ‘ICS’ calendar feed.

What is an ICS feed? It's away of sending the content of the calendar to your diary on your PC/ smartphone or similar.   I'm advised it works fine with Apple devices, I got it to work withOutlook. I got it to work with Android tablet by clicking the 'g+ add to Google' option at the bottom of the calendar. The club calendar then appeared within with my calendar visible in a browser, it then synched with my calendar on my tablet's calendar. If you have issues, please let me know (send me a mail from here.) we might be able to get them sorted. Nigel.  

Getting help with the website.

Have a look through the FAQ that I've written up, the index to them is available by clicking on 'Help' on the main menu bar. If you see a member of the committee, ask them, they've been using it for a couple of weeks so may have already come across your issue. Ask Nigel - mail me at <a href=""></a>. &nbsp; &nbsp;