Joining Newhaven Archery Club

All members are required to have completed an Archery GB Safety course before joining Newhaven Archery Club (NAC) as a member. We take certificates up to 3 years old. You may also be required to provide the name of the Archery Club (incl dates) where you completed your course for verification. If you are transferring from another club or joining as an associate, we will ask the name of your current/previous club for verification.

Beginner’s Courses: Safety courses consist of 12 hours of lesson time spread over a number of weeks. Most archery clubs run these courses but prices can vary and will be in the region of £60-85 per person. Newhaven Archery Club charge £60pp to attend our Beginner’s Course and we run our sessions in May/June each year. We hold our course over 2 consecutive Saturdays (6 hours each day) and you will be required to attend both sessions in order to receive a certificate. Applicants must be over the age of 8 years old and all under-18s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. We strongly advise parents/guardians to take part in the course as well as under-18’s need to be accompanied by at least one adult Archery GB member at all times if they decide to join a club. Please see our “Upcoming events” page for details on our next event.

If you have missed our course but would still like to join us as members, you can complete your course at any Archery GB affiliated club in the UK and bring your certificate to us. A full list of Sussex archery clubs can be found at our county site

Assessments: Unless you have completed your Archery GB Safety Course with us at NAC, all archers requesting membership will be invited to attend an assessment session. This is a short visit to the field in which we will observe you set up and shoot with your own equipment following range commands. Please note that we do not lend equipment such as bows, arrows etc for an assessment – you are required to have your own equipment. This is also your chance to get to know us and ask any questions!

Sometimes archers may require further training (especially if it has been awhile since you last shot a bow and arrow!) and your assessor will speak to you about this on the day. We have several coaches in the club who are happy to provide refresher sessions to help get you up and shooting again during a probation period if you decide to join NAC.
Following a successful application, new members (full and associate) will be placed on a 12-signature probation period before being allowed full access to the field and target equipment. During this period, we ask you only attend the field at set times when a member of the committee team can observe and help. We are currently running these sessions 2x a week on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings.

Types of membership: Once you have completed a course, you can apply to join NAC as a “full” or “associate” member. A full member is registered with us as their main club and is entitled to reduced (or “club”) AGB membership fees. You can register your scores with the Records Officer and these scores can be used to assign handicaps and receive achievement badges and trophies. You are also invited to attend all the events that we host, receive club trophies at our club tournaments and take part in friendly matches against other clubs. Associate members may either belong to another club or pay direct AGB membership and just use our facilities. Visitors with an Archery GB card can join us at any session for £5 each for up to 6 visits a year.

NAC Fees from 1st October 2023 – 31st September 2024:
Please note that new full members to Newhaven Archery Club without AGB membership may be requested to pay the first 6 months as a non-refundable fee upfront. Usually we cover the cost of your AGB membership and other fees as part of your monthly fees which has to be paid in advance to the relevant organizations – and this cost is NOT refundable.
NAC Full member Adult (25+): £12.50 per month
NAC Full member Junior (8-24): £6.00 per month
Associate member Adult (25+): £10.00 per month
Associate member Junior (8-24): £5.00 per month
Membership fees to Southern Counties Archery Society (~£5pa), Sussex County Archery Association (~£5pa), and Archery GB (~£58/£13pa) may also apply.
More details regarding fees can be supplied by emailing the NAC Membership Secretary at our main email address