Club documents repository

This section is designed to hold posts containing copies of documents that belong to the club – just about anything that will be useful to future members of the club when current members of the club/ committee are not present.

Anything posted on this area – as with all of the site is visible to all members of the club.

To load a document into the repository.

Just follow the steps below.  It’s quite easy – these steps are quite detailed.  It’ll take you about 2 minutes (if that to load) a document for the 1st time.
If you are using these instructions, it may be worth copying and pasting them so you can still read a copy of them whilst following them.

1) Create a new ‘Post’ (using ‘New’, ‘Post’ from the top of the screen).
2) Click the ‘Add media’ button above the typing area.
3) Select the ‘Upload media’ tab.
4) Click ‘Select files’, and upload the file(s) you wish to store in the repository.
5) Wait for them to load
6) Return to the ‘Media library’ tab.
7) Click on your just loaded document.
8) Close the ‘Insert media’ ‘page’ (use the ‘X’ in its top right corner – NOT the one to close the web browser).
9) Type some text in the post.  To turn part of it into a link to your uploaded document, highlight the bit that you want to be the link and click the ‘link’ icon on the formatting toolbar  (looks a bit like a paperclip 4th from right on the top row).
10) Select the document ou want to click and if you want it to open in a new tab in the browser, tick the checkbox. Click the ‘Add link’ button.

To allow/ disallow comments being added to your post.

When creating the post, open the ‘Screen options’ pull down in the top right hand corner of the screen.  Note: you may need to scroll to the top of the screen to see it.
Check the ‘Discussion’ checbox, this opens a section at the very bottom of the screen (scroll down if required) where you can turn on/ off the ability of other members to comment on your post.