News from the committee

Items from the last Committee meeting :

  • There have been problems with the wagon lock and the committee are investigating getting a new lock to fit the existing keys.
  • We will be asking about fencing the field again in light of the camping.
  • The committee would ask all members not to waste target faces and to ensure that everyone takes their rubbish home!
  • We are organising the summer bash which will hopefully take place on the 28th June.
  • Equipment needs to be taken indoors on 27th September.

Change to the website – news / home page

The home page for the website has changed and is now a new category of post – ‘News’.  Anyone can create a ‘News’ post and you can add an image/ photo to it (see help page on how to do so).  The intention is the ‘News’ page is that it is for… news as opposed to discussion/ chat/ odds and sods which can go on the Discussion page.