Adding something to the ‘For Sale’, ‘Discussion’ or ‘News’ boards

The items that appear in each of these pages are made up of a series of ‘posts’. Anyone logged on to the site can add a post. To do so follow these simple steps:

1) Note down all of the instructions below. Once you move away from this screen, you won’t be able to see these instructions!!!

2) Move the mouse to hover over ‘+ New‘ which is at the top of the screen near the middle and then click on it.

3) A screen titled ‘Add New Post’ will appear. Ensure you complete the following 3 steps BEFORE you press the ‘Publish’ button.

3a) Fill in the title.
3b) Write whatever you want in the body of the Post.  You can use the font tools in the toolbar to embolden text underline, italicise, colour etc.
You can add photos to your blog by clicking ‘Add media’ then ‘Upload files’ to upload a file from your PC.
3c) Categorise your post i.e. ‘News’, ‘For Sale’, ‘Discussion’ etc. (using the categories on the bottom of the right hand side of the screen).  Doing this will make your post appear in the appropriate section.

4) Having ‘Published’, add more posts as required.

5) When complete and you wish to return to the NAC website, hover the mouse over ‘Newhaven Archery Club’ in top left corner of the screen and click on ‘Visit Site’ when it appears.  Alternatively logoff in the usual manner.

6) If you wish, you can ‘Save draft’ which saves your work and allows you to return later to complete it.  You can however still see it under ‘My Posts’ from the main menu.  From here you can click on ‘Preview’ on the right hand side of the title of the post, then click on ‘Edit’ to the left of the post’s title on the ‘preview’ screen.  This will return you to the edit screen you used to create the post.  From here you can ‘Save draft again or ‘Publish’.

What to do if it goes wrong.

If you can’t find the post where you expect, see the information here

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