News from the committee

Items from the last Committee meeting :

  • There have been problems with the wagon lock and the committee are investigating getting a new lock to fit the existing keys.
  • We will be asking about fencing the field again in light of the camping.
  • The committee would ask all members not to waste target faces and to ensure that everyone takes their rubbish home!
  • We are organising the summer bash which will hopefully take place on the 28th June.
  • Equipment needs to be taken indoors on 27th September.

Change to the website – news / home page

The home page for the website has changed and is now a new category of post – ‘News’.  Anyone can create a ‘News’ post and you can add an image/ photo to it (see help page on how to do so).  The intention is the ‘News’ page is that it is for… news as opposed to discussion/ chat/ odds and sods which can go on the Discussion page.

Help on the new ‘members area’ of the club’s website.

3 places that might have info if you are stuck in trying to do something.

  • Click on ‘Help’ on the menu bar if you need some assistance on using the site.
  • The latest version of the 4 page PDF user guide sent to all new members is avaialble here (it gets updated as the functionality on the website changes).
  • Let me (Nigel) know if you have any problems that you can’t resolve.
    If you are struggling with something, I’d much prefer to help you than end up with you not using the site.  An e-mail to is probably easiest.

Removing unwanted boxes from side of a ‘New Post’ entry screen.

There arehalf a dozen boxes around the edge of the ‘New Post’ entry screen that are superfluous including WordPress Access Control,Tags, Featured Image, Format, Custom fields, ….

You can stop them appearing by clicking ‘Screen Options’ in the top right hand cornerand then removing the ticks from all the boxes except for ‘Categories’.

Once you’ve removed the ticks, click screen options again to close the list of tick boxes and return the screen to normal.




Adding something to the ‘For Sale’, ‘Discussion’ or ‘News’ boards

The items that appear in each of these pages are made up of a series of ‘posts’. Anyone logged on to the site can add a post. To do so follow these simple steps:

1) Note down all of the instructions below. Once you move away from this screen, you won’t be able to see these instructions!!!

2) Move the mouse to hover over ‘+ New‘ which is at the top of the screen near the middle and then click on it.

3) A screen titled ‘Add New Post’ will appear. Ensure you complete the following 3 steps BEFORE you press the ‘Publish’ button.

3a) Fill in the title.
3b) Write whatever you want in the body of the Post.  You can use the font tools in the toolbar to embolden text underline, italicise, colour etc.
You can add photos to your blog by clicking ‘Add media’ then ‘Upload files’ to upload a file from your PC.
3c) Categorise your post i.e. ‘News’, ‘For Sale’, ‘Discussion’ etc. (using the categories on the bottom of the right hand side of the screen).  Doing this will make your post appear in the appropriate section.

4) Having ‘Published’, add more posts as required.

5) When complete and you wish to return to the NAC website, hover the mouse over ‘Newhaven Archery Club’ in top left corner of the screen and click on ‘Visit Site’ when it appears.  Alternatively logoff in the usual manner.

6) If you wish, you can ‘Save draft’ which saves your work and allows you to return later to complete it.  You can however still see it under ‘My Posts’ from the main menu.  From here you can click on ‘Preview’ on the right hand side of the title of the post, then click on ‘Edit’ to the left of the post’s title on the ‘preview’ screen.  This will return you to the edit screen you used to create the post.  From here you can ‘Save draft again or ‘Publish’.

What to do if it goes wrong.

If you can’t find the post where you expect, see the information here

I’ve created a post but it’s not being displayed.

If you have added a post but then can’t find it, you have probably created it but not categorised it as you thought.  The default category is ‘Discussion’, which means it’ll appear under the ‘Discussion board’ heading.

If it’s there you know what has happened. Either a) recreate it (cut and paste all the text) categorised correctly and then mail me and ask me to delete the original or b) mail me and ask me to categorise it correctly.

If you’ve checked if your post is uncategorised and still can’t find your post, let me me know including what you want me to do with it if I find it.



Changing your name, password or e-mail address on your profile on the website.

Move the mouse so it hovers over the top right hand corner where ‘Howdy <name>’ is shown.

3 items will drop down. The middle one is ‘Edit profile’. Select it and update your information as required.

When complete, move the mouse over ‘Newhaven Archery Club’ in top left corner and select ‘Viisit Site’.

Logging on/ off and lost passwords.

To logoff

Move the mouse over the top righthand corner of the screen where it says ‘Howdy <name>’, the screen will drop down 3 clickable items the bottom one is ‘Log Out’.

Lost password

On the logon screen there is a ‘Forgotten password’ link.

Click on this link and when prompted enter your username (or the e-mail address on your profile) an email will be sent to you with details on changing your password.

To logon

From the public pages of the NAC website, click ‘Members area’ from the top of the page or store the following link in your favourites:

Stuck in an unusual looking screen?

Stuck in a screen that’s not the website – which might look similar to below?


If so you are in the administration screens (you can’t do any damage, you only have access to ‘non dangerous’ options).

The 3 most common ways of getting to this screen are:
– After Creating a ‘Post’
– Editing your profile (from under ‘Howdy <name>’)
– Clicking on ‘Dashboard’, that appears if you hover over ‘Newhaven Archery Club’ in top left corner.

To return to the website, Click on ‘Newhaven Archery Club’:

and you will return to the Members area.

All about the ‘ICS’ calendar feed.

What is an ICS feed?

It’s away of sending the content of the calendar to your diary on your PC/ smartphone or similar.


I’m advised it works fine with Apple devices, I got it to work withOutlook.

I got it to work with Android tablet by clicking the ‘g+ add to Google’ option at the bottom of the calendar. The club calendar then appeared within with my calendar visible in a browser, it then synched with my calendar on my tablet’s calendar.

If you have issues, please let me know (send me a mail from here.) we might be able to get them sorted. Nigel.